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Black Spire: Novel Review

This year has been a huge year for Star Wars content and that is due in no small part to Galaxy's Edge opening. With that release has come a lot of merchandise and buzz, plus some Star Wars canon material that features the planet Batuu that is featured in the attraction. Included in this batch of releases is Black Spire a novel by Delilah S. Dawson.

Dawson is already a proven writer in Star Wars canon. She already written a full novel, which was Phasma, the book that explained Captain Phasma's origins for the Journey to Star Wars The Last Jedi line, but she also wrote a short story called The Perfect Weapon a few years prior to that.

In a lot of ways Black Spire could almost be considered a sequel to Phasma weirdly enough. Two of the main characters from that book return. If you haven't read Phasma and you plan to this isn't a very good book to read first because it starts off with some spoilers from that book. If you do want to continue reading this review there will…

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