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Alphabet Squadron: Novel Review

Alphabet Squadron is the first novel of a new trilogy of books. Its the third novel trilogy in new canon after Chuck Wendig's Aftermath series and Timothy Zahn's novels featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn (which has its third entry Thrawn Treason coming this month). Alexander Freed was tapped to write the first one, and I'm guessing he'll get the two following books as well, but I'm not sure its been confirmed at this point. This novel is also a part of a crossover with the Marvel comic series TIE Fighter which is already underway.

Freed has already had two writing jobs in Star Wars canon. He wrote the companion novel for the first Battlefront game, Battlefront: Twilight Company and he followed that up with writing the novelization of Rogue One. Freed is a good fit for writing gritty, working class characters and I realized quite quickly that he's a great fit for Alphabet Squadron.

The book takes place in the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. An …

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