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I Am C-3P0: Review

First hand Star Wars books are surprisingly hard to come by. Most of the non-fiction books about Star Wars come with people who have collected information from those who were there. Our hopes of getting a George Lucas, Harrison Ford or a Mark Hamill autobiography are slim. We do have a bit of writing from Carrie Fisher, who published her diaries from the Star Wars production. We do, however have a new autobiography from Anthony Daniels.

Anthony Daniels now remains the only member of the Star Wars cast to appear in every film. His career outside of C-3P0 related projects is very small. Star Wars has been his bread and butter for more than 40 years and he hasn't missed any of it, so I was quite excited to read this book.

I have to compliment Daniels for his ability to remember the productions behind the Star Wars films in such detail. I don't know if he kept a diary during this time and that help him while writing the book, but he seems to remember nearly everything from each s…

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