Weekly Roundup: Creep 2, The Emoji Movie, The Lovers

I've decided to introduce this new weekly roundup segment. It details some of the other films I've seen over the last few days that I didn't really feel strongly enough about to bother writing a full review. These will just be mini reviews with a few of my thoughts on each film.

Creep 2 (2017): Patrick Brice: The first Creep was one of my favorite found footage movies ever. It may honestly be my favorite. The first film developed a well deserved cult following and its motivated Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice to continue with what will eventually be a trilogy of films.

Duplass returns as the star but the character has changed a bit in between the two films. Rather than attempting to be a normal person he is very outgoing about his killings in a way that his new possible victim thinks he may be joking. Duplass is a delight once again and he's incredibly unpredictable. Desiree Akhavan makes a worthy counterpart too as it gets to the point where she may be just as crazy at he is.

Creep 2 isn't as good as the sequel but it is another really good entry. I'm hoping that Brice and Duplass will cap off a great trilogy with a finale pretty soon. Maybe we won't even have to wait 3 years this time. Creep 2 will be on Netflix before the year is out. If you're a fan of the first I recommend it.

Creep 2 gets 68 out of 100

The Emoji Movie (2017): Tony Leondis: I wasn't nearly as offended with The Emoji Movie I was expecting to me. Should it have been made? No, but I did find that the characters were at least a little charming at some points. I thought the animation looked pretty good too, but its still hard to get passed how much of an obvious cash grab it is. The film is six months old and its already starting to feel dated. It may have honestly been dated before it ever came out if that is possible.

Story elements from Inside Out, Wreck it Ralph and The LEGO Movie are all replicated here and with a lot less success. The meaning behind the film is just as shallow as you expect it to be. Behind all this its watchable though. It may not be teaching children a lesson but its not really going to do any significant damage to them either.

The worst part about this film overall is definitely the cheap and pathetic attempts at humor. The terrible jokes Patrick Stewart has to say almost brought a tear to my eye.

The Emoji Movie gets 38 out of 100

The Lovers (2017): Azazel Jacobs: Coming from A24 The Lovers is a middle aged romance story that doesn't try to pander to its audience. These characters are real and even though they are both not perfect they remain very likeable. Debra Winger and Tracey Letts share the spotlight quite well and neither of the characters stands out as more important than the other does.

Its very low-key but very engaging. Both characters are portrayed quite honestly and genuinely. I have been loving Debra Winger's appearances on The Ranch and its nice to see her in a film that is worthy of her talent. Both Letts and Winger are darkly funny and the pair pull off a loveless marriage quite well in way I may not have ever seen before.

I also really appreciated the music which is some classic romantic music that resembles some of the classic romance stories from old Hollywood. It ended up being a perfect mix.

The Lovers gets 71 out of 100

This was my weekly roundup for the week. If you have seen any of these films and would like to have a conversation please let me low below. Take it easy for now.


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